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Social media is the new way to get customers but it does require some effort. The cost is financially low but there is a time investment. Learn how you can recruit, engage and convert customers in to loyal customers via various social media platforms. More…

‘Working with Cormac really works for the the client, because not only does Cormac get a brief and interpret it from a number of angles, but he does it and delivers that brief on time, on budget and on form! Cormac’s past experience of being the client himself, really gives him an edge! Thoroughly professional and great to work with.’

Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Managing Director, Think Plan Do Consulting (TPD)

“Cormac is a highly focused, driven and passionate individual. He’s an inspirational speaker and encourages one to look at and into themselves in order to get the absolute best from that which they seek. He knows what it takes to succeed in business and in life and he inspires others to find the answers for themselves in order to achieve their own goals.
His communication skills are incredible; he is a master at being able to communicate with individuals no matter their level or experience and fields. His thirst for knowledge and self-betterment knows no boundaries.
He listens, learns and communicates at every level imaginable. He has assisted me and my business, by inspiring me to create, grow, and succeed”

Michael Phelan

Managing Director, Kitchen Catering

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